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Thermal Imaging Helmet For Contactless Temperature Screening

The infrared smart helmet is a revolution in public health and safety. Officers can accurately and efficiently perform temperature readings on crowds and individuals, while maintaining social distancing measures.

Through the thermal imaging glasses display the user can read temperatures of particular body regions. The goggles will alert the user when the temperate threshold is detected.

This innovative infrared thermometer is a game changer for hospitals, shopping centres, checkpoints, and business districts wanting to perform contactless temperature recording.

Explore specifications and features


1. Efficient Helmet for Temperature Recording

Record personal info with daily body temperature automatically

2. Powerful Helmet for Vehicle Screening

Rapid screening for vehicles and passengers

3. Powerful Helmet for Verification

Rapid face recognition and identity verification (optional depending on country) 

4. Smart Helmet with Thermal Imaging

Make the invisible visible



Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

  • High-accuracy quick and contactless temperature measurement
  • Efficiency: 200 people/min
  • Thermometer Range: -20°C to 120°C
  • Accuracy of thermometer: +/-48°C

Helmet Body

Advance stab-proof metamaterial materials with energy-absorbing design and ultimate weight reduction

Helmet Goggles

The same manufacturing process as helmet goggles for pilots

Advanced photochromic material with multiple protection against air droplets and scratches

All-time capability with lighting conditions self-adaption

AR Display

  • High standard array optical waveguide AR technology, 24/7 new visual experience
  • 35 degree field of view
  • Resolution: 1280 720
  • Rated Brightness: 300 nits


Advance metamaterial technology with a strong signal, low power consumption and ultra-low radiation

  • Conformal antenna 8-in-1
  • Specific Absorption Rate
  • Only 1/20 of mobile phone radiation

Balanced Centre of Gravity Design Gravity

Designed to protect the neck and maximise comfort for the user

AI Capabilities

  • Support offline face recognition and license plate recognition (optional depending on country) 
  • Supports QR code identification for paperless registration


1080g total weight


  • No less than 5000 mAh
  • Standby time 24 hours
  • Temperate measurement mode 8 hours ^
    ^In most cases, we can turn off the AR screen with one key to reduce power consumption when there is no target for temperature measurement, and the measured endurance can reach 8 hours. In the continuous temperature measurement mode, the endurance is about5 hours.


1.Single-person temperature measurement mode

The temperature of the single target in the centre of the screen will be measured. The maximum temperature of different parts of the body is displayed on the AR module. A temperature above the normal range will trigger an audible and visible alarm.

2. Large-crowd temperature measurement mode

The temperature of the forehead, collar, arm, and other body parts exposed in the screen will be measured. The system will display the temperature if any part in the screen falls into the preset temperature range. The alarm will trigger when any part of the temperature goes above the threshold value.

3. Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging mode

Thermal imaging detection on specific parts of the human body to assist in finding the location and size of the lesion areas that cause fever.

4. Night-vision /Facility inspection mode

Thermal imaging scanning of industrial facilities or other establishments, HVAC equipment, pipelines and electronic equipment, to assist in finding targets with abnormal temperature or searching for unauthorized personnel.


Application Scenarios


Early detection of fever in patients with quick, unobtrusive, contactless temperature measurement and paperless registration to avoid viral cross-transmission between medical personnel and potential patients.

Office Buildings

Quick, unobtrusive, and contactless temperature measurement and paperless registration to distinguish potential patients from other employees in a very short of time.


With built-in contactless thermometer, police checkpoints for screening, patients can be sped up dramatically.

Central Business District

Quick, unobtrusive, and contactless temperature measurement and paperless registration to distinguish potential patients from other customers in a very short amount of time.