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Respiratory Protection Mask Hood + Blower Made in Israel

The Respiratory Protection Mask Hood + Blower is a new concept in human respiratory protection against CBRN Hazardous Materials.

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The hood provides a high degree of reliable protection and physical comfort, regardless of facial structure or manual dexterity. The hood is designed for individuals aged 13 years and over.

System Description

The system consists of a:

  • Hooded mask with panoramic reflector, an integral drinking mechanism and strap system;

  • Blower (rate is either 45 or 90L per min, as required) with a flexible hose and batteries fitted for 15 hours of continuous work;

  • CBRN filter or P3 filter - includes a standard thread and can be connected to protective systems manufactured in accordance with CBRN standards; and

  • user manual.

 Main Features and Advantages

  • Supreme protection: hood-shaped for maximum seal and positive pressure - provides a protection factor of 10,000 PPM. PPM refers to the opacity of respiratory protective equipment. Most common masks have a 100PPM shielding level, whereas our mask offers significantly higher protection due to the unique development and patented neck gasket.
  • Powerful air-supply: the hood becomes a positive pressure system through the attachment of a blower (IMP 2005), supplying air at a rate of up to 45 or 90 litres/minute (depending on the required use - civilian or military). This significantly improves the protection and physiological comfort of the end-user.
  • One-size fits all: the hood is made of soft silicone laminate that seals around the user’s neck and is compatible with eyeglasses, beards, etc.
  • Vision clarity: the hood is integrated with a large polycarbonate visor, thus permitting clear and undistorted vision.
  • The nose-cup: is tightened and positioned on the face using the two diagonal straps and quick-release buckles on the back of the hood.
  • User-friendly: boasts a wide visor for maximum field of vision, and the entire assembly is easy to don and doff, and comfortable for prolonged use.
  • Long shelf life: the system has a shelf life of 15 years in reasonable storage conditions (dry conditions, protected from the elements and stored at around 20o Celsius). The batteries last 8 years

The CBRN Guardian Mask is especially adapted for use by:

  • Security force
  • Police and Law Enforcement
  • First responders
  • Medical teams
  • Emergency medicine rescue forces
  • Firefighting forces
  • Hospital/pharmacy staff
  • Production line employees who change masks frequently.