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Bioshield N99 respirator

TopBioShield is a personal, full face coverage, bio-protective respirator with N99 reusable protection. It provides a whole face, eyes, nose and mouth, all-in-one effective solution to protect against airborne pathogens. 

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We have introduced a full facepiece N99 respirator which provides an improved shield against COVID-19 and other airborne diseases. Treating seriously ill Coronavirus patients involves close proximity of the care provider to a highly infectious environment. This risk is heightened during procedures such as intubation, extubation, bronchoscopy, and tracheal lavage.

Disturbing reports from China, Italy and the US indicate an infection rate of 10 - 20% among care providers at the front-line of the COVID-19 pandemic, threatening essential resources at the first line of defence against the pandemic.

Our mask aims to provide the care provider and the medical team improved protection in a highly contagious environment. The TopBioShield personal mask provides a whole face, eyes, nose and mouth, all-in-one effective N99 protection.


  • Designed to allow doctors to operate in extreme BioHazard conditions and to reduce the risk of inhalation of infectious particles during short-term exposures.
  • The mask’s neck-seal design covers the entire head, thereby protecting the eyes and the respiratory paths. With its flat light filters, the mask reduces particle penetration by 99%, providing ten times the protection of a standard N95 mask.
  • The mask has a highly transparent and wide field of view. Its condensation-resistant visor provides excellent vision clarity, allowing the performance of precise medical procedures.
  • The hood covers the head, face, eyes, nose, and mouth. With its unique, air-tight, low-leakage neck-seal design, TopBioShield fully protects the eyes and all respiratory passages.
Filter Details and Tests

The filters in the TopBioShield masks are constructed of two types of raw material (technical specifications below):

  1. Technostat 200-XA99 – a particle filtering medium of Spunbond PP type; and
  2. PE13060NA-H – a particle filtering medium of PP Meltblown type.

Combined, these filters reach a filtration level of greater than 99.85% for solid particles and 99.46% for liquid particles (aerosols, tested using paraffin oil). These results were obtained in test conducted according to the relevant European standards for particle filtration: EN143 + EN13274-7.

Additionally, several other post-treatment (acclimatisation) tests were performed on the filters: sterilization using vaporous hydrogen peroxide; sterilization using ethylene oxide; and disinfection of the hood and the external side of the filters with medical disinfection wipes (with several repetitions of the process).

The treatment and acclimatisation methods tested do not substantially change the level of particle filtration, and it remains well above the standard requirement of 94%. These tests were also conducted according to the same standards relevant for particle filtration EN143 / EN13274-7.

  • Weight: 250g
  • Shelf life: 5 years