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P3 Filter

Avoid chemical biological threats with these Panoramic Masks. It focus its efforts in a breathing protection. Useful for a broad range of people (professionals and general public)

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The 100 P3 R filter, with the standard thread connector (EN148-1, RD 40-1/7”) can be used with the full face gas masks type SGE150, SGE 400/3 and SGE 400/3 BB, or equivalent and with the APA (Aria Protection adaptor) assembled on Ocean Reef snorkeling masks (Aria and UNO series).

This filter protects against aerosols, particles, mist, fumes and dust.

The 100 P3 R filter complies with the EU Regulation 2016/425. Class P3 R filter, as particle filter, are in conformity to EN143:2000/A1:2006.
Material housing: polypropylene
Filter media: non-woven fabric made by glass fiber
Storage: store at temperatures between -20 and + 50°C and RH <80%
Weight: approximatively 92 grams
Shelf life: 10 years if duly stored and in their original packaging