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Guardian Mask

The Guardian Mask + Powered Single Filter Half Mask is unique and advanced mask and filtration system which is connected to an air blower for easy breathing. 

Explore specifications and features

The GUARDIAN+ Powered Single Filter Half Mask is a unique and advanced mask and filtration system which is connected to an air blower for easy breathing.

The Guardian+ Mask boasts a unique design and an advanced filtration system that guarantees a high level of comfort and safety.

It provides respiratory protection against biological substances and particles of up to 0.3 microns, and the mask may be sterilised for repeat usage.

The system includes:

  • a half mask;
  • a sealed P100 filter; and
  • an air blower (supplying approximately 45/L/min with an included flexible hose).


How it works  

The blower draws in outside air through the filter and into the half-mask. The filtered air fills the half-mask and makes breathing easier.

It is important to note that adequate protection against biological hazards present in a user's working environment also requires eye protection. This system does not include eye protection, but it is adapted for use with protective goggles or a face shield which we highly recommend.

Main Features
  • A powerful air-supply and respiratory protection using the included blower which supplies a continuous and regulated airflow (at approximately 45L per minute), significantly improving protection and physiological comfort;
  • Efficient filtering of particles and biological substances with the included and user-replaceable P100 filter;
  • A unique design structure for complete respiratory protection (through full mouth and nose coverage) while ensuring maximum comfort;
  • The easy-fitting harness allows simple adjustments to suit different face types, guaranteeing that the mask will remain in place for all users;
  • A design adapted for use with protective goggles;
  • The system is rated for approximately 12 hours of continuous work, depending on working conditions; and
  • The masks is sterilisable (in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions which are available upon request).
Cleaning Instructions

The Guardian+ mask may be cleaned by following these instructions:

  • upon leaving the work environment, remove the hose and filter from the mask assembly;
  • wipe the mask and filter, cleaning externally with a 70% alcohol solution;
  • disconnect the filter from the mask and place it in a sealed bag; and
  • store the mask in the original packaging for the next use, in a cool, dry, shaded place.

IMPORTANT: if the filter has been exposed to biological risk factors, it constitutes a risk and must be destroyed according to HAZMAT disposal procedures.

WARNING: before use, the wearer must read and understand the User Instructions which are included in the product's packaging.