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Combat Target Training Shooting Target (NEW)

Trango provides smart, simple and efficient infrastructure for combat training in built-up areas.

Explore specifications and features
These include shooting targets, infrastructure for combat training, and true-to-life training accessories. These revolutionary products allow for the creation of a dynamic, customised training environment built to closely simulate the urban battlefield, which can be easily and quickly constructed.
The targets, modules and accessories are made of PANELO™ – a unique, patented material manufactured exclusively for TrangoSystems. The benefits of this material are that it is:    
  • Able to absorb more than 12,000 hits before requiring replacement;
  • Long-lasting – withstands extreme weather conditions;
  • Safe –ricochet-free, even when shooting at point-blank range;
  • Easily transportable – strong and sturdy, yet pliable; and
  • Eco friendly – made of recyclable material.