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Police Vest

Body & Riot Armour

Our range of protective vests are suitable for military, police, undercover, special forces, and anti-terrorism.
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Our vests are designed to provide maximum ballistic protection while catering to the wearer's maximum comfort.

The vests are customized with a three-way air pocket, which is attached to the rear providing greater wearer comfort by enabling excess sweat evaporation.

The vests are NIJ, IDF Mil-spec, US Mil-STD/Spec, DIN, NFPA, ASTM and EN certified to the following threat levels:

  • II, II-A
  • III, III-A
  • IV

The vests comply with the 0104.04 standards and are certified ISO 9001:2000 "Level A" highest quality standard. The features of these vests include:

  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Quick-release
  • All vests are adjustable to provide maximum protection coverage
  • Proportional weight division to preserve body balance and healthy posture
  • The carriers are removable & 100% cotton for easy care, made in Australia
  • Cleaning instructions
  • Shoulder bands are padded with uniquely designed sponges for added comfort
  • Carry bag

Undercover Body Armour

Designed for undercover work (for businessmen, detectives,
bodyguards) this body armour provides great ballistic
protection in a concealed, ergonomic and flexible
vest which fits underneath a shirt.

External Body Armour

The result of more than 30 years of cooperation with armed forces around the world, this external armoured vest offers the highest levels of protection and total mobility, together with maximum durability under extreme conditions.


  • Protection Levels: NIJ Std. Levels IIA, II, IIIA
  • Removable machine washable cover
  • Front and Back 25x30 pockets for H.A.P
  • Custom colours and sizes
  • Waterproof ballistic covers


    Optional Extras

    • NIJ level 3 and 4 plates
    • Side panels for underarm protection
    • Optimal weight distribution belt
    • Groin protection
    • Inner netting spacer for perspiration evaporation
    • Special protection per client request
    • Professional Combat Vest with tactical zippers for equipment (see below)


      Vest Range

      Vest type 

      AC-331-B -Army and anti-terror vest


      AC-331-C - Police and special forces vest with removable collar


      AC-331-A - Police and law enforcement vest



      AC-331-D - Army and battlefield vest


      AC-331-E - Army and special operation vest


      AC-331-F -Army and special forces vest



      AC-331-G -Special duty vest


      AC-MU - U.N. recon vest


      AC-MZ - Army and special mission vest