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TRC Weapon Retention Carry and Deploy System

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A new way to securely carry and use a weapon.

• Advanced Tactical Weapon Retention, Carry and Deploy System
• Quick Weapon into Firing Positioning Ability
• Prevents Dropping or Losing Weapon
• Easy Extension and Automatic Retractable Cable
• Rugged & Compact
• Compatible with QB Systems Caribiner
• Professional Appearance
• Customizable Placement on Molle

• Soldiers
• Special Units
• Law Enforcement
• Professional Security
• Sportsman

The TRC is a new weapon carry and deploy solution designed to provide ease of use, efficiency of movement and speed to engage the threat….especially for urban
combat and other close quarter combat scenarios.

Being able to access your weapon when seconds count…is critical to the soldier and security professional.



      Slings are critically important tools for the soldier. However, they may not be the ideal solution for every mission and have been known to get tangled on other worn equipment such as backpack or snagged on jagged or protruding objects in the environment.
      Slings also have a potential drawback of causing strain and discomfort to the soldiers shoulder and neck area.
      A soldier needs to carry their weapon with minimum physical stress yet be able, with minimum interference to quickly bring their
      weapon to firing position.
      Now there is an alternative. The TRC is a small rugged compact pod made form hard composite materials
      attached to the tactical vest that contains an extendable and retractable cable system. The machine gun or rifle is attached to the end of the cable via a QB Carabineers lock and hangs from the front of the wearer always ready to be lifted into firing position. The TRC has a professional and military appearance and
      important operational advantages such as helping enable the solider to be always prepared to fire. The TRC provides the ability to pre-set the length of the retractable cord to
      comfort or mission required length.
      A safety switch enables this length to be securely maintained until engagement of weapon is required. A
      quick snap lift of the rifle releases the safety and the soldier or security professional can quickly bring the weapon into aim and fire level.